Wow. Just wow. I relate so much to the This Isnt The End visualizer and even though this is sad Adam’s music always gives me hope and I know that better days will come. Thnak you adamyoungofficial for being the hero you always are.


If my heart was a compass… you’d be North. 


My Adam Young Drawings 2011-2014. (A select few)

After the onslaught of likes from my Black & White Artwork post, I decided to make one JUST for everyone’s favorite Hoot Owl.

The original post can be found here.

Owl City; Ultraviolet 


This Isn’t the End - visualizer

I’m weeping! ;-;

He abandoned his daughter and never returned.


Interviewer: Name some of your favorite Japanese foods.
Adam: Rice, Chicken wings from Nagoya…uhh…Natto.